Volunteer Opportunities at The Sheep

Many hands make light work!  This page is dedicated to exposing all the different roles The Sheep seeks volunteers for in order to operate.  If you participate in The Sheep and are interested in helping us serve Okotoks by filling any of the below positions, please let us know by emailing Dave.  Even if you are pretty sure someone else is filling a position already, we want to hear from you.  At times we want to be able to give existing servers time away from a particular position or serving altogether in order to keep people fresh and engaged.  So we are always interested in your interest!




Communications – Status

Those who think proper and timely information is essential and a way to show you care about those around you this is your calling.  Someone who has a little tech savviness and wants to use it this is your calling.

  • Complete and keep updated Directory
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly newsletter
  • Keep Updated Calendar of events and communicate these events (hard and soft copy)
1 year

Admin – Status (Vacant)

Basically if your idea of showing you care for the body is to make sure I am doing things correctly and helping me when I ask this is your calling.

  • Help Dave
  • Schedule keeping
  • Meeting setups
  • Confirm volunteer positions are filled
  • General duties
1 year

Children’s Ministry – Status (Vacant)

Do you get joy and a sense of accomplishment teaching and seeing kids learn and go then this is your calling.  Do you believe that giving parents a chance to engage fully is your way of loving them then this is your calling.

  • With Sheep Leadership set curriculum
  • Build Team for Children and Nursery needs If required hire and supervise workers with Sheep Leadership
Variable: One event or group of events at a time.

Service Coordinator – Status (Vacant)

If you desire to reach into our community and serve those in need this is your calling.  Find or have needs come to you then organize the team to meet those needs.

Research Service Projects: Rowan House, Food Bank, etc.  Plan for the next few years Young Life help, Operation Christmas Child help Liaison with town agencies to build relationships and offer services Work with House Church leaders to meet the needs Build a team for bigger projects and coordinate efforts and tasks

 1 Year

Missional Coordinator – Status (Vacant)

This is for someone who wants to care for our Missionaries in Nepal and Bolivia.  Someone who wants to make sure they are cared for and someone who wants to help organize a team to travel and serve them.

  • Keep updated on our Missionaries and report those updates Look for opportunities to partner with Missionary efforts and initiatives Look to plan a missional trip to visit Nepal or Bolivia
1 Year or 1 Mission Trip

Meal Host – Status (Vacant)

If you like to plan and organize a meal this is your calling.  If you believe that caring and showing your love to others is about the gift of hospitality this is your calling.

  • Plan menu, contact and communicate the menu Build Team recruit if needed Stage and decorate space
Variable: One event or group of events at a time.

Sharing Host – Status (Vacant)

If you desire to share in spiritual practices and lead others in them as well this is your calling.

  • Lead Prayer
  • Share Verse/Reading
  • Lead Communion
  • Décor and Ambiance
Variable: One event or group of events at a time.

Special Events – Status (Vacant)

If you believe that gathering people together for fun and times of relaxing is a great way to serve others this calling is for you.

  • Plan Fire side events (May’s)
  • Possible Camps
  • Fun Activities for The Sheep (games, etc)
 Variable: One event or group of events at a time.

House Church Leader – Status (Vacant)

Are you willing to open your life to others to grow in friendship and willing to live life together by eating, praying and learning with one another then this calling is for you.  This may end in a lifetime friendship.  We also need a home to invite new comers into to start relationship and connections with.

  • Set a schedule
  • Set time and space for discussion and study Initiate time of prayer for group Encourage lots of group participation Work with Sheep Leadership in the care of the group
This Varies as Life Goes On.  Up to each leader and group to determine time for change.

Music Host – Status (Vacant)

For all those who have served so faithfully at The Sheep for years to lead in music I invite you to continue to serve.  I would also ask if you can think of new ways to reach out with music into the community and share the gift of music with others.

  • Prepare music and theme of set
  • Set band members and rehearsals
  • Setup and teardown help
Variable: One event or group of events at a time.