The Sheep Bleatcast (Podcast)

Bleatcasts are typically recordings of sermons from services at The Sheep on Sundays.  To view only Bleatcasts, click the Bleatcast category on the right sidebar of this page.  To subscribe to the Bleatcast through iTunes, click the link below or search for us in the iTunes Store.  (Yes, Bleatcast is really just a podcast with a fancy name.)

Use one of the below links to subscribe.  (Different browsers and platforms (mobile vs. computer) handle these links differently at least one of them should work for getting you subscribed to our Bleatcast.)

Click here to visit the Bleatcast in iTunes.
iTunes Link
Click here to visit the Bleatcast in iTunes (another way).
Click here to subscribe to the Bleatcast.

If all else fails, go into iTunes and search for “Bleatcast”.  You should be able to find there and subscribe.