The Sheep 2.5 – Our new structure on a familiar vision.

On November 20th, 2016 the Sheep service was cancelled and instead a meeting took place.  During the meeting Dave went through some of the history of the last few months and how different events contributed to various decisions being made about The Sheep.  If you are a part of The Sheep Fellowship, we invite you to watch the following YouTube video which contains most of what was shared at the November 20th meeting.  At times throughout the night there were some questions from those in attendance and sometimes the recording was stopped midway through the question or the answer.  When the entire question and response was not fully recorded, they were removed from the recording.  This was not done because the questions were unacceptable or unimportant, but because without the full question and the full answer, there could be confusion.  So our apologies to anyone who felt their question was important but have come here to find that it was not shared in the recording.  That being said…

We desire your feedback and questions please.

Because Dave is aware that some have been quite frustrated about how things have gone over the past few months, it is really important to him that this particular meeting content be clearly understood.  So if you need clarity on any point shared in the video, please email dave and pose your questions.  Alternatively post a comment on this post.  We will plan to put common questions here so the clarity can be enhanced where we discover things are still sort of fuzzy for people.

volunteeroppsThe video refers to volunteer positions which are listed here.  These opportunities will be updated as need be.   You will notice that they have different commitment levels.  Please take a look.

If you’d prefer to read a summary of what the recording says, there is a write-up here.

You can hear the recording in two ways.

  1. Watch the recording aligned to slides on YouTube.  (Recommended)


  2. Listen to the audio recording using the play button below.