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Last week on Sunday night Dave announced a significant change to the way the Sheep will take shape moving forward. This announcement was presented in the context of a number of factors including the Sheep’s core values, questions about whether the Sunday by Sunday model really moves us towards an embodiment of these values, and the availability of time Dave has to lead with his new position as a department manager at Arpi’s.

Because the Sheep is first and foremost about relationships homes will be the primary location for who we are as a community of faith. Homes are the ideal environment not only for friendship and practical needs to be met, but also serve as a natural reach to neighbours and the marginalized. Homes are free from both the constraints of an institution on the one hand, and the tendency we all have to times to defer our obligation to neighbour and stranger to the “program” – whether a church, community, or government based initiative. Home is where we can be the good Samaritan – stepping out beyond our own sense of comfort to meet the need around us in a moment of human authenticity.

Home groups, house churches, prayer meetings, service groups, and studies – whatever the size and shape are independent, but supported by the Sheep. They are free to choose their own material to study, set their own frequency of meeting, and grow as large or small as they wish. Dave plans to meet with leaders of home gatherings on a regular basis to encourage and influence a healthy and balanced environment. Dave’s hope is that the home gatherings will be the foundation of life at the Sheep. Decentralized, free to pursue their calling to each other, and yet contributing to the life and visibility of the monthly Sunday evening events.

Because the Sheep is also about the gathering of the community, Dave wants every member of a home gathering and anyone else for that matter to come together one evening each month to celebrate our life together. These gatherings will be held the SECOND SUNDAY of each month. This is easy to remember: Home gatherings are first, community gatherings are second…

Celebration, common worship, community gatherings – whatever you want to call them – provide a necessary component of our life together. Just as the people of God have done throughout history, setting aside times of the year to look forward to with anticipation and reflection, these events are designed to gather our common life and expression in a way that will propel us forward into another season of life on the ground. We want to climb for a higher perspective once each month, to celebrate the diversity of what God is doing in our midst, and how each of us experiences the gift of life whether in its ups or downs.

Dave’s hope is that each Sunday evening event will celebrate through a simple meal, a time of worship with music, teaching, testimony, and prayer. We are committing to provide nursery and childcare every time we meet. The vision of these events is to collect the experience of our life together during the month, celebrate, and look forward to what is ahead. This is the pattern of Christian worship; Reflection, Celebration, and Anticipation. As we gather to celebrate the present, the only moment available to us in human experience, we feel its full significance by remembering the grace of God in our past and announcing the hope of glory in the future.

The goal of our Sunday evening gatherings is to have EVERYONE come. We will provide the dates for the entire year (including summer). We are asking that you set these apart and commit to attend. Every Sunday morning and three Sunday evenings are completely free for those engaged in other activities. The decision to meet on the second Sunday is purposeful: we wish to accommodate the teams that serve Sanstone, Tudor, and Hearland lodges, as well as Black Diamond and Turner valley.

5-6pm: Dinner
6:15-7:30pm: worship service


To hear Dave’s message recording, please visit this page.