About Us

Who Are The Sheep?

We are a large and diverse family that is on a journey together. We know our destination, but the stops along the way are mostly unknown. Like any family we encourage, cry, laugh, fight (occasionally), and do just about anything else a family does together. We are brothers and sisters by the will of God and the victory of Jesus over death on the cross. Membership in this family comes about through faith expressing itself in love.

As members of this family we focus our time, energy and resources into three essential areas. The first is a commitment to gather weekly to worship together, study the scriptures, and engage the big picture of God’s presence in the world. Second, we meet in homes on a regular basis; eating, drinking, building Christian frienships by walking through life together: reading the scriptures, exercising our spiritual gifts, and caring for one other. Finally, we join in the advancement of God’s Kingdom through acts of justice and mercy, serving anyone in need – anytime – anywhere.

We have been invited to partner with God in healing the world, a work that includes feeding bodies as well as souls, and caring for all aspects of creation as God’s workmanship. Our heart in all these things is to engage the deepest expression of God’s love in and through the life of Jesus. We warmly invite you to join with us in this adventure, contributing whatever God has given you to help in the healing of our broken world.

Grace and Peace,

The Sheep Leadership Team